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International Islamic Bank Excursion

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12/01/17 6:26 AM
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Qatar Academy
Islamic studies department in Qatar Academy- Doha , has organized a Grade 10 excursion to the International Islamic Bank. The trip aimed at  expanding  the students’ knowledge of  the rules of loans in Islam and Islamic banking transactions.  The students were hosted by the executive manager of the Bank, Mr. Abd Al Basit Al Shiby, and the director of public relations, Mr. Imad Shaaban.
Mr. Al Shiby gave a presentation on Islamic banking. The presentation included the definition of Islamic Banking, and how the bank offers incentives to encourage the customers to deal with the bank.  Furthermore, the presentation highlighted how the Islamic system works.
After the presentation, the students eagerly toured the bank to explore the different departments and listened to the lectures that were given by administrative staff explaining the differences between Islamic Banks and ordinary banks.  Additionally, the lectures clarified the Islamic transactions such as loans and mortgages. The director of the bank expressed his gratitude to students for their inquiries and questions and appreciated their efforts for learning. The students believe the trip was really beneficial and gave them profound knowledge about the Islamic Banking  System here in Doha.
Ultimately, QA is glad and very proud for giving its students an opportunity to expand their learning outside the classroom walls and applying their knowledge to real life, which is one of the many strategies adapted by teachers here at QA.

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